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Quicksafe provides employers with a systematic and structured workflow that enables all aspects of safety from incident management to risk assessments to chemical registers to OHS committees and much more to be simply and effectively managed.

  • Real time incident reporting,
  • Computer, laptop, tablet and mobile enabled,
  • Can be accessed anywhere anytime with an internet connection,
  • File storage, task allocation, email in or out,
  • Fully integrates with Quickclaim,
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quickclaim fund

Quickclaim fund provides employer’s insured in the state based workers compensation programs with a central repository system to manage all claims and injury management tasks to facilitate an early return to work:

  • Tailored to each state/territories workers compensation legislation,
  • Accurate calculation of weekly payments, reporting to claim reimbursements and a simple upload reconciliation process,
  • Manage all medical expenses, medical certificates, RTW planning and RTW Document preparation,
  • Manage injuries and prevent them from becoming claims,
  • Customisations as required
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Traditionally there have been limited system options to manage Self Insurance nationally and they are generally clunky systems that have been designed for another purpose and modified to meet the state based self insurance requirements. Quickclaim – Self Insured has naturally evolved from our fund-based system to provide self-insurers with a user friendly system designed by claims people for claims people:

  • Fully integrates with Quicksafe and can accept data from alternate safety management systems,
  • Simple estimating module,
  • Tailored payments authorisation process,
  • Standard letters,
  • Self validating data submissions,
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Quickclaim – Comcare like Quickclaim – Self Insurance has also evolved from Quickclaim Fund. The system has been designed in consultation with our clients and third party managers to provide an end-to-end solution to manage injuries before they become claims and effectively manage claims when they arise and facilitate an early return to work whilst providing easy compliance with Comcare requirements:

  • Consolidated national Dashboard to highlight all critical issues,
  • Claims management – arrange IME’s, investigations and all rehabilitation referrals,
  • Drag and drop, upload or email in any file or document,
  • Self validating data submission,
  • Designed for employer or third party management,
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Dynamic Reporting Suite

The Dynamic Reporting Suite is available to all Elumina Users. A range of reporting options is available including:

  • Template reports where the user merely needs to click preview to obtain the data,
  • Report builder – any user can create their own reports by determining what the report will be broken down by, the relevant fields you wish to include, the sites you wish to report upon, the date range and the output which includes your graphing options,
  • Saved reports – save and schedule your report for email distribution to nominated personnel,
  • All reports available in both CSV and PDF formats,
  • A range of graphing options are provided including body heat maps, standard pie, bar and line graphs as well as stacked graphing for period comparison,


System design, setup, security and privacy

  • All Elumina systems have been designed and are managed by our internal Programming and Design team.
  • All data is always and will always be stored in Australia,
  • Clients have unlimited users and each user profile can be configured to limit access to only the relevant sections and the relevant location,
  • Prior to ‘going live’ we will create your workplace structure, upload your employees, where relevant access your claims and payment history from your insurer and migrate data from existing systems,
  • Help desk support is included in your license cost,
  • Multiple security layers – password encryption, user access privileges, audit logs and firewalls,
  • Encryption of all data at rest and data in transit,
  • Intrusion detection system using signature, protocol and irregularity based inspection methods,
  • Network intrusion system and host based intrusion systems,
  • Priority security patch deployment,
  • SSO integration as required,
  • Graphical user interface, application, Teams

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The Elumina Group will tailor an exact quote for you upon contact. Our pricing structure is determined based upon the required system version, jurisdictions, tailoring requirements and employer size.

All licenses include:

  • Unlimited users,
  • System setup,
  • Data gathering,
  • All enhancements released while contracted,
  • All updates released while contracted,
  • Training,
  • Help desk support,

If clients require Single Sign On integration this is available too.

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Tony Fenwick, National OHS Manager, PFD Food Services

With Quicksafe, PFD management and staff have been able to manage all apsects of our safety including incidents, investigations, reports, audits and inspections that ensure tasks are allocated and completion dates agreed upon to prevent likely or further harm where hazards have been identified


Bron Taylor, Manager, Group Workplace Safety, Virgin Australia

Elumina instill trust, engagement and positive outcome through both their professional approach and understanding of business and operational requirements combined with workers compensation legislative requirement