All You Need To Know About Injury Management Software

Every employer should make the health and safety of their employees a top priority. However, it can be hard to balance maintaining an injury-free work environment, potential compensation claims, data collection and process revisions.

Injury Management Software helps employers efficiently manage the safety of their employees. It does this in four main ways:

Preventing injuries before they happen

Injury management software is designed to give you the tools to develop a comprehensive safety program. Elumina creates a unique incident reporting portal that can be accessed via various devices to enable your employees to record safety incidents on the go. It also has workflow tools to ensure that all incidents go through review, investigation and corrective measures to prevent future incidents.

The portal also includes the following features:

  • Enables incident management under a variety of categories and titles depending on the nature of your organisation. You can create new incident titles as needed.
  • Risk assessment feature that rates risks, determines corrective action, enhances monitoring and reviews actions taken. It also has a register to record all reported and potential risks.
  • A chemical noise and asset register to note chemicals, noise level assessments and scheduled plant inspections.
  • Easy recording of all inspections, audits, and observations as well as allocation of duties to relevant teams.

Preventing incidents from happening is vital to enhancing your overall safety policy. This software establishes the mechanisms to prevent incidents from recurring.

Claims and injury management system

Sometimes accidents do happen, even when all measures have been put in place. When they do, you need a robust system that records all injuries and claims within an easy to access portal.

Injury management

The injury management system acts as a link between an incident and a claim. It gives you tools to manage all the reported injuries before the claims process is kickstarted. This is key to preventing extra costs from being added to the premium payments.

In addition, the system allows you to manage other aspects of non-work-related injuries. Non-work related injuries are known to cause poor productivity and undermine employee experience in the workplace.

Management of non-work related injuries improves the general well-being of the employees thereby enhancing their productivity.

Once an injury is identified the system:

  • Enables easy injury management before they become claims.
  • Facilitates quick conversion of injuries to claims.
  • Gives you the ability to determine and highlight critical injury issues. You can make statements against such issues for quick follow up and completion.

Communication after an incident is a vital part of ensuring that employees get assistance as soon as required and claims are processed without delay.

Communication is facilitated within the software through:

  • Email task creation with due dates for escalation of cases.
  • Email in and out of the system so all data is stored in a central location.
  • Template generation for fast letter writing.

Injury management software can be tailored to fit your organisation. Before going live, you can feed the system with all employee data such as names, emergency contacts, payroll details, and the history of claim repayments.

Managing claims

Some injuries will end up as claims. It is vital that you fast-track claim payments so employees can return to the workplace as soon as they are fit to do so. However, given the amount of data generated and the complex injury analysis, it sometimes becomes a challenging task.

A robust claim management platform offers you the tools to manage all your insurance requirements through a platform that you can trust. The platform allows you to make a quick calculation of the claims process, manage workers medical expenses and prepare all the documentation from a single portal while ensuring all regulatory requirements are adequately met.


It is essential that the data generated and stored in the central repository be authentic and free from any unauthorised manipulation. The cloud-based platform offers enhanced security layers to ensure that only the authorised personnel have access to the data.

Moreover, the system comes with self-validation tool that detects any data issues such as omissions, incorrect figures or dates before the data is submitted. The tool brings alerts of issues before the data is stored in the central repository.

Fast and straightforward management of injuries and claims processes is a hallmark of a quality health and safety software and policy. Elumina streamlines the process of injury prevention, management and claims processes making it cheap, fast and effective. It has a structured workflow that takes into consideration the compliance requirements, risks, and claims process.

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