Quicksafe Safety Management Software

The Quicksafe Safety Management Software is designed to directly integrate with any of the Quickclaim Claims and Injury Management Systems.

Quicksafe is a comprehensive Safety Management System that will provide employers with each of the key pillars to develop your safety program around.

Prior to going live the Elumina Group will work with our clients to develop a unique incident-reporting portal.


 Once developed this portal is deployed to the client’s intranet, desktops and or mobile devices so employees can record incidents and injuries at the click of a button. Once the incident is reported a tailored workflow solution is available to ensure that the incident is reviewed, any required investigation is initiated and any corrective actions are implemented and completed.

Quicksafe provides employers with a systematic and structured workflow that enables all aspects of safety from incident management to risk assessments to chemical registers to OHS committees and much more to be simply and effectively managed.

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Quicksafe will provide a plethora of functionality in addition to incident management including:

  • Management of incidents under the following categories – incident, hazard, near miss, plant & equipment, motor vehicle, public liability, product liability, professional indemnity, general insurance, performance management and child protection including tailoring of incident titles,
  • Insurance Claim module to manage all insurance claims arising from motor vehicle, public liability, professional indemnity and general insurance incidents,
  • Risk assessments – risk ratings, determine corrective actions, implement corrective actions, monitor, review,
  • Chemical register – record substances at employer level and then record individual site storage, generate a chemical register at the click of a button,
  • Noise register – employee, contractor and plant & equipment, schedule assessments and ensure compliance with noise assessment criteria,
  • Asset register – schedule inspections, generate tasks, store files or documents and display all risk assessments,
  • Audit & Inspections – record and store all audits, inspections and observations, allocate to relevant personnel, perpetually schedule, store files or documents and generate tasks,
  • Policies & procedures – store policies and procedures, allocate review panel, schedule reviews with email alerts, maintain full document history,
  • Training – develop courses and content, schedule training, invite attendees, acknowledge attendance and automatic update of employee record in Quicksafe,
  • Risk register – tailor risks to your areas of concern, tailor risk rating matrix, record risk, rate risk, identify corrective actions to mitigate risk, implement corrective actions, residual risk rating and schedule ongoing reviews,
  • Contractor management – manage all aspects of contractor management including gathering accreditation, qualifications and insurance details, contractor approval and ongoing management,