QuickClaim Comcare

Quickclaim Comcare has naturally evolved from the original version and now employers can manage all of their requirements through the tried and trusted Quickclaim platform.

Quickclaim Comcare has been designed to ensure that clients and users can simply and effectively manage the liabilities from both a Claims and Injury Management perspective. Quickclaim – Comcare will calculate all weekly payment calculations, generate tailored determination letters, manage medical expenses, prepare all Return to Work documentation whilst ensuring that all Comcare regulatory requirements are met.

Quickclaim Comcare provides a comprehensive payment approval process. The authorisation process includes authorisation workflow for third party administered employers.

When any data submission is prepared for Quickclaim Comcare provides employers with a ‘self validation’ tool that immediately identifies any data issues with your submission. The tool then enables the users to resolve the issues prior to the submission being uploaded.

A System Designed For You

Quickclaim Comcare is a user-friendly intuitive system designed by claims people for claims people. The system provides employers with a central repository for all incident, injury and safety data and meets and exceeds the requirements of the Comcare regulators.

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  • Manage injuries before they become claims to minimise financial impact,
  • Simple conversion of injury to claims,
  • Dashboards to alert and highlight critical issues,
  • Calculate accurate weekly payment entitlements,
  • Automatic step downs in weekly payments,
  • Automatic determination letter generation,
  • Manage medical expenses, medical certificates, RTW Planning and RTW Document preparation,
  • Create both standard claim and actuarial estimates,
  • Comprehensive document repository to store all injury and claim related documents,
  • Create email tasks with due dates and escalations,
  • Send or forward emails including attachments directly into the application,
  • Email directly out of the system to ensure all records are kept centrally,
  • Tailored payments authorisation process,
  • Standard letters, develop templates and generate automatically,
  • Arrange IME’s and Investigations,
  • Record, manage and report on all legal proceedings in each jurisdiction,
  • Record notes with email and Dashboard alerts to follow up,
  • Self validating data submission,
  • Tailoring as required.